Hertford Town Church, Hartham Lane


Little Learners

Sunday  10:30am

Age range  now for 1-7 year olds.

About us  
Our routine is as follows….

1) Prayer to God thanking Him for something suggested by the children
2) Singing, sometimes accompanied by musical instruments. Our repertoire is growing rapidly
3) Memory verse. We are now (in November) up to our third verse
4) Story, sometimes accompanied by visuals
5) Art and craft including crayons, glue pens, sticking and painting

So far we have not had to resort to toys even though Little Learners can last for an hour if the sermon is a long one!!

We have our own Little Learners blog
Click here to see it,
it is hosted at http://htc-little-learners.blogspot.com/
and an out of date version here on this web site (but without pictures)


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Teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ. (Acts 28:31)